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Thanksgiving in the US – a personal account

on 30/11/2012

I have asked Hannah who is currently living in the US, what she had done for thanksgiving this year. This is what she had said:

“We went to our friends apartment on Thanksgiving, it was great. They had their families and friends over, so there was about 20 of us that ate dinner at around 6pm, but we got there at about 3 so we had lots of time to chat to everyone and have lots of wine! We had turkey, so its very similar to an English Christmas dinner, but they have a very different stuffing which is more “bread-like”, which was delicious. Also had cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, honey glazed carrots, and other vegetables I can’t even remember. There were 4 desserts; apple pie, pumpkin pie, an apple and raspberry pudding, and a chocolate mud pie. The mud pie and the raspberry were amazing, I didn’t have room to try all four unfortunately. I have had pumpkin pie before though, and it’s really good, and very American, I had never seen it in another country.”

Has anyone else visited the US around this time and experienced thanksgiving? Let us know your comments, we would love to hear fropm you!


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